DISCOVER PANJIM Amazing Hunt 2014

Date : 7th September 2014
Place : Central Library, Patto, Panjim
Time : starting at 3pm
Clues : 12
Area : within Panjim
Team : minimum 2 people
Transport : 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 wheeler even a bullock cart will do, its your choice
Require : Camera even a cell phone will do


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Rules and Regulations:

1. Any mode of transport can be used.
2. The Discover Panjim Amazing Hunt will be within the city limits of Panjim.
3. Entry fee per team is Rs. 250/-
4. The reporting time and briefing will be at 3.00pm and flag off will be at 3.30pm.
5. Each participating team will be given clues for 12 different locations. Teams will have to visit these points and have a photograph taken of themselves or their team partner at the location.
6. Teams can use any type of digital camera, even a cell phone camera will do.
7. Teams should carry their own USB transfer cord to copy the clue photos from their camera on to the organizer’s computer.
8. Total time allocated to complete the Discover Panjim Amazing Hunt  will be 2 hours.
9. The organizers will not take any responsibilities in case of any default or assume liability in case of any accident or any loss or damage of any nature.
10. Winner will be the one who completes all clues in the minimum time; if not the team solving the maximum number of clues in minimum time will be declared the winner. Teams reaching the finish point after the cut off time will be disqualified.
11. The decision of the organizing committee of the Discover Panjim Amazing Hunt will be final and binding on all participants in all respects.

Entry forms are available at Gini & Jony Store, MG Road, Panjim.





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